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St Louis

Looking for a payday loans in St Louis MO with no hard credit check? 1763 was the year in which St. Louis’ founding would begin. Doing an expedition under the excuse of building up a trading post for fur in the Mississippi, Pierre Laclede put the first stone towards building this city. The merchant had been very successful before, and thanks to this he was offered a six-year monopoly over fur trading, alongside his partner.


Seeking for a payday loans in Columbia MO for bad credit? Located in northern Missouri, Columbia is found 29 miles north of Jefferson City, and 120 miles from Kansas City and St. Louis. Its total area is approximately 63.5 square miles, of which all but .42 miles are made of land. Columbia is the city with the fastest growth in Missouri, and has approximately 121,000 inhabitants, making it fourth in the state on population size. Thanks to its educational emphasis and its classical beauty, the city received the name of the “Athens of Missouri”.

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More About The U.S. State Of Missouri

Located in the Midwestern side of the country, Missouri has been essential for the country’s westward expansion. The California, Santa Fe and Oregon Trail and the Pony Express actually began in the state. Currently, the state is divided into the city of St. Louis and 114 different counties. Missouri’s most famously known as the “Show Me State”, but is sometimes called the “Cave State” and the “Mother of the West”.

Missouri’s culture is made of a mix of elements from Southern and Midwestern America. St. Louis-style barbecue and its well-known brother the Kansas City-style can be found in the state and in the neighboring areas. St. Louis Blues, Kansas City jazz, and ragtime were all musical styles that would develop within the state’s borders. The cities are not the only popular tourist spots, Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks are commonly visited.

Flag of Missouri

Some of the world’s largest companies are based in the state, such as O'Reilly Auto Parts, Wells Fargo Advisors, H&R Block, Edward Jones, Emerson Electric, Monsanto, Express Scripts and Cerner. There have also been many important people to come from Missouri, such as Nelly, Chuck Berry, Walt Disney, Mark Twain and President Truman.

Due to its location as one of the border states, the role Missouri played in the Civil War, thanks to the various fights within, was very complicated. When The war ended, the Kansas City and the Greater St. Louis metropolitan areas would become important centers of business and industrialization.

It’s the 18th state with the highest population size in the U.S, thanks to the over 6 million inhabitants that live in the state. Missouri’s capital is Jefferson City, and some of the most important urban areas in the state Columbia, Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City. The Mississippi makes up the eastern border to the state. A forested highland that provides mineral and timber is found down south, known as the Ozarks.

In the Ozarks and Missouri Rhineland, you can find many production facilities for Missouri wine. One of the most important places for beer brewing, in saint St. Louis you can find the largest beer producer in the world, Anheuser-Busch. This is all thanks to the state’s alcohol laws, which are amongst very permissive in comparison to others throughout the country.

The first record of humans on what’s known modernly as Missouri dates back to around 12,000 years. Remains of Mississippian culture include mounds and cities, although its estimated they declined around the 14th century.

The first European explorers would arrive in the 17th century and found Missouri and the Osage nations. French explorers would found St. Louis and St Genevieve and would establish Louisiana. For a brief moment in history, the Spanish would rule the land until 1803, when the U.S. managed to acquire the Louisiana Purchase. At that moment, many Americans that lived in Upland South, among those you could find slaves, would rush to enter the new territory.

Thanks to the Missouri Compromise, the state would be admitted as one of the slave states. Many people from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia would settle in Mid-Missouri, in particular, what’s known as Boonslick. The Missouri Rhineland would be formed in great part due to German immigration soon after this.