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Do you need payday loans in California to get you out of a financial jam or provide breathing room until you next paycheck? Achieve Finance is here to help you get the funds you need fast. We give borrowers quick access to California payday loans online. If you apply for a loan online, you’ll get a quick answer without a lot of hassle. Just use our form to apply for personal loans online in California and avoid the hoops that banks make you jump through.

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Cities Where We Provide Payday Loans In California

Los Angeles

Seeking for a payday loans in Los Angeles CA for bad credit? Los Angeles is the city with the second highest population size, right behind New York City. With an estimated population of around four million, the city is the largest and most populated in California, apart from being the commercial, financial and cultural center of Southern California. Called the “City of Angels”, thanks to the name’s Spanish meaning, Los Angeles has achieved fame due to its sprawling metropolis, ethnic diversity, and Mediterranean climate.

San Diego

Looking for a payday loans in San Diego CA for bad credit? A major city in California, San Diego is located in San Diego County, in Southern California along the Pacific Ocean coast. It is located south of Los Angeles, approximately 120 miles, and directly northwest of the Mexican border. San Diego is known for its extensive beaches, natural deep-water harbor, mild year-round climate, its long association with the country’s Navy, and by its recent emergence as a biotechnology and healthcare development center.

San Jose

Seeking for a payday loans in San Jose CA for bad credit? Officially known as the City of San Jose, the city has become the political, cultural and economic hub of Silicon Valley, as well as the biggest metropolitan city in all of Northern California. San Jose is the current county seat of the county of Santa Clara, which is the most affluent one in California, and among the most affluent in the whole nation.

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As soon as you apply for a loan online, you’ll need to provide us with some relevant personal details, your employment history, and the necessary banking information so we can give you the money. After filling out your information, our we will quickly review it for approval. You’ll need to wait a short time before our team approves your loan. After that, you’ll be sent to a new page where you’ll be able to review and finally sign your contract.

It’s very important to note that the time between the transfer and the deposit can vary depending on the lenders and the payday advance loans, with them typically taking around 1-2 days for them to be stored in your bank account. There are some lenders that can deposit online payday loans in Texas in one day, but it’s the exception rather than the rule. We recommend for you to apply for the loan early in the day so that banking cut off times don’t affect you.

Why Should You Do It Online?

If you’re wondering about why you should do it like this, there are various advantages over standard loans:

  • Confidentiality
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Those are the marks of an online loan from Achieve Finance that set us above the other guys.

More About The U.S. State Of California

Located in the Pacific Region of the United States, California is a state with a population of 39.5 million. It is the most populous state in the country and third largest by area. California’s state capital is Sacramento. The state’s most populous city is Los Angeles, which is also second in that ranking in the country, behind New York City.


The Greater Los Angeles Area is the nation’s second most populous urban region, while the San Francisco Bay Area is the fifth most populous region in the country, with 18.7 million and 8.8 million inhabitants respectively. The most populous county in the U.S., Los Angeles County, the county with the largest area, San Bernardino County, and the county with the fifth highest population density, San Francisco, are all located within the state.

Flag of California


With an estimated worth of $2.8 trillion, California has the largest economy of any state in the country. If the state were a country, it would be ranked as the 5th largest economy in the world, and as the 36th in population size. The San Francisco Bay Area is seen as a global center for technology, while the same is said for the entertainment industries and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The second and third largest urban economies in the U.S. are located in the state, the Greater Los Angeles Area ($1.2 trillion) and the San Francisco Bay Area ($821 billion). The diversity of California’s economy is staggering, with 58% of it being centered on technology, real estate services, government, finance and technical, scientific and professional business services. Even if its agricultural industry accounts for just 1.5% of California’s economy, it still manages to have the highest output out of all U.S. states.

California is seen as a trendsetter worldwide in popular culture, politics, and innovation. The American movie industry, the personal computer, the internet, and the hippie movement can all trace their roots back to the state.


The state is bordered by Nevada and Arizona to the east, Oregon to the north and Mexico to the south. California’s diverse geography goes from the Mojave Desert in the southeast to the fir forests in the northwest, and from the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the east to the Pacific Coast in the west. Even if the state is known for its warm Mediterranean climate, its large size means you can find climates that vary from the snowy alpines in the mountains to the arid desert in the interior.

The state was originally settled by Native Californian tribes before various European expedition explored it in the 16th and 17th centuries. After that, the Spanish Empire claimed it in their New Spain colony as part of Alta California. In 1821 the area became a part of Mexico after its war for independence, but in 1848 it was ceded to the U.S after the Mexican-American War. On September 9, 1850, Alta California was admitted as the 31st state in the union. Due to the California Gold Rush in 1848, there was a large scale immigration into the state that led to dramatic demographic and social transformations, and an economic surge.