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More About The City Of St Louis, Missouri

1763 was the year in which St. Louis’ founding would begin. Doing an expedition under the excuse of building up a trading post for fur in the Mississippi, Pierre Laclede put the first stone towards building this city. The merchant had been very successful before, and thanks to this he was offered a six-year monopoly over fur trading, alongside his partner.

Originally, they only had the rights for the construction of a fur-trading post. Still, the members of the expedition would decide to make a settlement. It is believed by some historians that the creation of the settlement was due to an affair Laclede had had with a woman in the city of New Orleans.

Flag of St Louis, MO

There’s actually some debate on the actual founder of the city, whether it was Laclede or Auguste Chouteau, his stepson. This doubt is due to the fact that all of the documents related to the founding would be lost thanks to a fire..

During its first years as a city, no government recognized St. Louis.  Even though it was thought it fell under Spanish jurisdiction, there was no authority asserted by them in the settlement. This meant that the city had no government. Because of this, Laclede would decide to take civil control so that he could deal with all issues publically, for example in communal meetings. Laclede would also give lots in the town and nearby countryside to new settlers.

The territory would be acquired through the Louisiana Purchase by the U.S, and it would develop as a major port on the Mississippi through the 19th century. St. Louis was separated from its county in 1877 so that it could become an independent city, currently the only one in the state. In 1904, the city hosted the Summer Olympics and the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

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Its economy is focused on tourism, transportation of goods, trade, manufacturing, and service. Many major corporations are found in the city, such as Purina, Monsanto, Ameren, Manera, Energizer, among others. St. Louis has also had a growing research, pharmaceutical, and medical presence.

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