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More About The City Of New Orleans, Louisiana

Found south Lake Pontchartrain, in the Mississippi’s Delta, New Orleans has a total of 181 square miles of water, and almost 170 miles of land. When measuring by area, the Orleans Parish is ranked as the smallest.

The city has achieved renown thanks to its Spanish Creole and French architecture, and thanks to its multilingual and cross-cultural heritage. Famous for the annual celebrations, in particular, Mardi Gras, music and Cuisine, New Orleans is often classified amongst the most unique cities in the country.

Flag of New Orleans, LA


Its foundation was in 1718, the exact date is unknown, thanks to the Mississippi Company of France, on the land where the Chitimacha lived. The city was named after the French Regent Philippe II, Duke of Orleans. The colony would be given to Spain as part of the 1763 Treaty of Paris.

New Orleans would become an essential port for the rebels during the American Revolutionary War, helping them transport military supplies and to smuggle aid. Afterward, the Count of Galvez would launch a campaign to take the city form the British in 1779, and Nueva Orleans (Spanish for New Orleans) would remain a Spanish city until 1803, a moment in which the French managed to briefly get back their rule.

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The Orleans Parish currently ranks number three by population in the state. This was due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, before that it was the most populated parish in Louisiana. New Orleans’ population is estimated to be almost 350,000. The greater New Orleans area has a population around more than 1.4 million, with 1.1 million of those falling in The New Orleans metropolitan.

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