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More About The City Of Lafayette, Louisiana

With an elevation of 36 feet, Lafayette is found on the Vermillion River. It’s also fourth largest population wise in Louisiana, with more than 127,000 estimated inhabitants living in it.

During the European Encounter, the Attakapas Native used to live in the area. Petit Manchac, the first settlement founded by the French in the region, was a small trading post near the Vermillion. During the end of the 18th century, many Acadian refugees would settle here after they were driven out of Canada. They would form the Cajun culture, marked by the Catholic religion and using its use of the French language.

Flag of Lafayette, LA

A donation of land from Jean Mouton would assure that a Catholic chapel could be constructed at the site. The area would be called Vermilionville, due to the river, when it was picked as the Lafayette Paris heat in 1824. The city would be incorporated in 1836.

Most of its area was focused on agriculture, in particular, sugar plantations, so that meant a large portion of the population were slaves. This is shown in detail when you see that in 1860, 49.6% of the local population was made of up slaves. Even though there was some people of color here were free, their numbers were considerably lower, making up closer to 3% during the time.

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The city would eventually be renamed in honor of the French Aristocrat General Lafayette, who had helped the Continental Army’s struggles throughout the American War of Independence. After the Civil War, the parish would still be dependant on agriculture, but it would be done mainly by freedman working as sharecroppers.

The local need for so many farm workers would be reduced thanks to the mechanization of agriculture in the 20th century, and would later go down after the discovery of oil in the region. After its discovery in the 1940s, the natural gas and petroleum industries would dominate the region.

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