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More About The City Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana’s state capital and parish seat for East Baton Rouge Parish, the city of Baton Rouge has been an essential part in the state’s history, thanks to its location. It’s found on the eastern side of the Mississippi, and has a population estimated to be just under 230,000.

Flag of Baton Rouge, LA


The Pentagon Barracks set of buildings would be would be completed in 1822. There have been many inhabitants of the site, such as the United States Army, the Confederate States Army, the British, the French, the Spanish and for a brief moment the Republic of West Florida. The barracks would be given ownership to the state in 1951, and they would be placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

When the civil war began, the city’s population was around 5,500. Due to the war, economic progress was stopped for the most part, except for some businesses that supplied the Union Army during their occupation in 1862. Originally, the confederated tried to consolidate their forces somewhere else, in the time the state’s government moved to Shreveport. In 1862, general Daniel Ruggles and John C. Breckinridge tried to recapture the city, but they failed.

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Baton Rouge would be designated as the new capital of Louisiana in 1846, replacing New Orleans. James Dakin, the architect in charge of designing the state’s Capitol Building, and construction would begin in 1847. While most states tried to mimic Washington’s Federal Capitol, he decided to make the capitol have a Neo-Gothic design, with stained glass, crenellations, and turrets. The building has been shown as a perfect example of the Gothic Revival in the state’s architecture and it’s been marked a National Historic Landmark.

The city has been historically important thanks to its location on the Istrouma Bluff, which allowed ba business quarter to develop without having to worry about seasonal flooding. The city would also build a levee system so that it could protect certain agricultural areas and the riverfront.

A major technology, motion picture, research, medical, petrochemical and industrial center for the South, Baton Rouge has the tenth largest port in the country in relation to the tonnage shipped. The city also holds the largest institution for higher education throughout Louisiana, the Louisiana State University.

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