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More About The City Of Overland Park, Kansas

The city of Overland Park is found on north eastern Kansas and is located inside of Johnson County. The city has a just a half square mile of water, and almost 75 square miles of land making up the city’s total area. It’s got the second highest population count inside of the Kansas City metropolitan area, with an estimated population size of just over 191,000.

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Overland Park’s history begins when the founder, William B. Strang Jr., arrived in 1905 so that he could plot subdivisions on a military roadway. This roadway would eventually become the city’s main thoroughfare. It became officially incorporated on May 20, 1960, with some 28,000 people living inside the city.

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The city’s population would end up quadrupling in less than thirty years, reaching almost 112,000 in the 90s. This happened because, in a similar fashion to many other suburban cities in the country, its decades soon after the incorporation were very successful. Even though the growth rate has slowed somewhat, Overland Park still managed to become the second largest city in Kansas after it managed to pass Kansas City.


The city is bordered by Merriam and Shawnee to the northwest, Olathe and Lenexa to the west, Stillwell down south, Leawood in the east, Prairie Village and Mission by the northeast, and by Kansas City, Kansas up north. Overland Park is located inside the Kansas City metropolitan area. Most of the city is located inside of Shawnee Mission, a part of Johnson County.

Turkey Creek, one of many tributaries for the Kansas River flows along the northern side of the city. There are various tributaries for the Blue River that go through the city, Negro Creek, Indian Creek, and Tomahawk Creek. Along the city’s south side, there are two tributaries, Wolf Creek and Coffee Creek, that join up with the Blue River’s main stem.

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