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More About The City Of Nampa, Idaho

The second principal city in Treasure Valley, Nampa is around located 6 miles west of Meridian, and 20 miles west of Boise. With a population of 81,557, it’s the largest city in Canyon County and the second largest in population in Idaho.

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The city began when a line was built from Huntington, Oregon, to Granger, Wyoming, by the Oregon Short Line Railroad. After that, many more railroad lines appeared all throughout Nampa, marking it as an important railroad town. Because the Oregon Short Line did not originally pass through Boise, this meant that Nampa had some of the fanciest railroad depots of the area.

The town’s first homesteads were established by Hannah and Alexander Duffes, that would get the help of a friend, James McGee, and form the Nampa Land and Improvement Company. The first settlers of the town called it “New Jerusalem” due to the importance of religion in its citizens, in spite of the original name. In a year the town grew to 50 homes and would continue to get amenities and grow, until Nampa was finally incorporated in 1890.

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Alexander Duffes laid out the town’s streets perpendicular to the railroad tracks, which traveled northwest to southeast. This is in comparison to most of the towns of the era, that had streets that run true south and north. This was because earlier on the founder wanted to avoid an accident similar to one he had seen in another railroad town, where three people were killed when they got stuck in a buggy when they were going through the railroad tracks.

Lakeview School was the first elementary school built in the city, built in the 1890s. It would be eventually be condemned as a school, with the owners eventually selling it to the First Mennonite Church. Later on, the building would be refurbished in 2008, and the Idaho Arts Charter School currently uses the location.

Many people would go swimming, fishing, boating and sometimes hunting in Lake Ethel and the nearby area. The lake would eventually be bought by E.H. Dewey, who was a former mayor. He would eventually drain the Lake, due to flooding that would cause lawsuits and trouble for him. Soon after that, the city council would become interested in getting back the property.

On August 7, 1924, an ordinance was passed by the city council that purchased the property and renamed it, Lakeview Park. On 1928 the bandstand was completed, and on August 13, 1934, the municipal swimming pool would be opened. Currently, it’s the city’s largest park and home to various community celebrations.

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