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More About The City Of San Diego, California

A major city in California, San Diego is located in San Diego County, in Southern California along the Pacific Ocean coast. It is located south of Los Angeles, approximately 120 miles, and directly northwest of the Mexican border. San Diego is known for its extensive beaches, natural deep-water harbor, mild year-round climate, its long association with the country’s Navy, and by its recent emergence as a biotechnology and healthcare development center.

Flag of San Diego, California


The city is the historical home to the Kumeyaay people and is called “the birthplace of California” due to its importance in the development of the state. It was the original West Coast landing place of the European explorers to the U.S. When Juan Cabrillo arrived on the coast in 1542, he claimed the place for Spain, and created the first stones for what would eventually become Alta California, 200 years later.


San Diego is the 2nd most populated city in California and eighth largest in the country, owing to its estimated population of almost one and a half million. The city forms an integral piece of the San Diego-Tijuana urban center, which is the second largest such area in the U.S. with a bordering country, right behind Detroit-Winsor, and has a total population count of almost five million people.

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Mission San Diego de Alcala and The Presidio, both founded in 1769, were the first European settlements built on what is now California. San Diego would join Mexico (after recently gaining independence) in 1821 before it reformed into the first Mexican Republic in 1823. California would join the States in 1848 following the conclusion of the Mexican-American War, and would after be admitted as a state in the union in 1850.

San Diego is presently the seat of the county also known as San Diego, as well as being the economic center of both the San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan area and the general region. The city’s main economic activities are manufacturing, international trade, tourism, and military and defense-related activities. Thanks to the presence of the University of California, San Diego and its affiliated UCSD Medical Center, the city has been able to become a center of research in biotechnology.

Both the Point Loma and the Rose Canyon zones are an important part of the San Andreas Fault system. Around 40 miles east of the San Diego Bay you can find the Laguna Mountains, located in the Peninsular Ranges, an important segment of the continent’s geographical prowess.

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