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More About The City of Auburn, Alabama

Located in Lee County, Alabama, in the United States, Aubrun is the largest eastern city here and in 2016, presented a population of 63 118. Auburn is considered a main or principal city of the Auburn-Opelika Metropolitan Area. With 158 991 inhabitants in the Auburn-Opelika, AL MSA combined with the Columbus, GA-AL MSA and Tuskegee, Alabama composes the greater Columbus-Auburn-Opelika, GA-AL CSA, an area with a population of 501 649 individuals.


At the time of the Treaty of Cusseta in 1832, the land of Auburn today was then open to settlement, and was previously inhabited by the Creek. It was in the winter of 1836 that arrived the first settlers, coming from Harris County in Georgia. Led by Judge John J. Harper, these settlers had the intention of building a new town that would become the religious and education center of the region.

February 2, 1839 marks the days that Auburn was incorporated, into what was then known as Macon County which covered an area of 5.2 km2. By that period of time, Methodist and Baptist churches had sprouted all across Auburn, a school had equally been built and was in complete function. Both different schools for young boys and girls as well as an elementary school were created by the mid-1840’s - these educational buildings increased the rapid arrival of families to the area, mostly from the planter class. It’s interesting to note that bt 1858, approximately 500 of the free Auburn residents were in fact students.

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Bordered by Opelika city to the northeast and to the north by Chambers County, Auburn city is directly located in western Lee County. The land stretches to the south, toward Macon County. Auburn is a city with a rather very divers geology, due to the three different physical environments in which it finds itself. Certain areas of Auburn also include the southernmost exposure of rocks indicating the Appalachian orogeny.